Roop Lukka

Double Tap Troubles

Usability Casestudy on Youtube fast forward interaction

ABSTRACT: Simplifying the ‘forward 10s interaction’ while watching a youtube video on mobile devices.


Based on my observation, it was tricky to jump 10s…

I also felt that it was challenging to exactly double-tap between the next/previous icons.

Tapping and misclicks onto the “NEXT” icon is the major issue here.

Very less space to double-tap in this view

In fact, offline research says that most of the users clicked onto the “NEXT” icon instead of forwarding the video many at times.


High chances of going one tap on to the next button

With a double-tap, there is a high possibility to tap onto the “NEXT” icon which causes interruption to the users.

After a detailed run-through of many interactions, I have arrived at a possible solution which is the “DRAG” option. This option would be perfect for this scenario in order to avoid the misclicks onto the “NEXT” button.

Just by dragging towards the right or left from the center of the video on the mobile screen, allows the users to forward or backward the video and enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience!

Thank You!